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So sue me!

Posted on 2006/11/26 - 00:54

Yes, I'm a busy person. No, it doesn't seem that way. And yes, I should write more often, keep my promises, save the world (including the whales) and don't take it over in the process, yada yada. I ain't doing it. So sue me. Except the taking over part, I like the thought of that.

So, you ask, what have I been doing then? Well, to start of I played way to much Grand Turismo 4. It's very addictive and ehm, let's call it 'research' for a little car I'm designing. Yeah, that's it! Research! Fancy looking cars combined with my own ideas plus the desperate need to learn myself Blender for the game engine gives some pretty results;

I like it (mostly) so far. It's not that I'm designing a car game, but it still looks a lot better than expected for a first try at Blender (I do admit that I've worked with 3D editors before) and so does my brother think apparently. He's the motor-slash-car freak around here, and is already helping me out with the more technical things of things. For example, I liked the looks of a diffuser but a) I had no clue why a car had one and b) didn't even know it was called a diffuser in the first place. Stuff like that.

I've also played around some more in Java for university but nothing really interesting to report (besides a general comment that I really hate Java Generics, especially because I had to hack around bugs in the actual language because of it) since it's all part of a bigger team project, so doesn't do anything interesting on it's own. I have done some wild C hacking, but it's not finished (and working) yet. I'll talk about that another time when it might be actually functional.

So yeah, that's about it. I'll post something again pretty soon, I got some more blending to do. G'night!

[: wacco :]

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