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Posted on 2007/01/12 - 19:52

Today was one of those days that you kept on feeling that you hadn't done anything, while you where actually doing things. Weird. One of the things was (yet again) update some minor stuff in the Intercab project, and finishing up some of the documentation we're writing for it. Another thing was that I finally found out I got an 8 for the Microwave thing that I (for my feeling) wrote ages ago. Now that I finally know that, I can toss the source & docs online as promised. They're available here for your reading pleasure.

Another minor thing I did today is (as you've probably noticed) added my little favorites-bar on the right again to this website. I kind of like linking to other pages, no matter how hopeless it sounds. If you believe I missed something important and that something should be added, drop a comment and I might add it. Or not. It's my favorites-bar after all. Some other stuff for this website is still on the agenda (like a projects page) and I might build that this weekend. I want to include all kinds of fancy features to it however, so it might take longer than that. We'll see. There's some more stuff to do anyway like getting some decent support for new entries in the javascript of this page and add eye-candy for the comments rendering and what-not.

I'm going to keep it short today since I don't have anything else to report (besides a sidenode that Mac's cocoa IO-kit is horror) and only wanted to let you know that the Microwave docs are online. So there. Talk to you later! - Out.

[: wacco :]

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