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The joy of finishing stuff

Posted on 2006/10/25 - 23:37

Finally I finished the UML designed, Java implemented microwave which is useful for exactly one soul in the world; me. Because I hopefully get some study credits for it. Anyway, try it out here. You might need to confirm, click yes, or jump to some loopholes in general. These days you just can't tell anymore. If you don't feel like it, you're missing out on something that looks like this;

It has some graphical issues still, and I've spent half the day getting rid of some. If you still don't see what you're supposed to see I'm terribly sorry, but I'm probably not going to fix it anymore. The whole graphics part was a little added bonus in the first place, and since I've been spending really too much time on this thing it's just too bad.

Oh, in case you're wondering how to operate it if you started it up earlier; A is start / stop, B is pause, C is using the alarm separately from the microwave. So press A, type a duration and confirm with the sharp sign. You'll see the time counting down while the lamp (the yellow tag) and the microwave tube (the green tag) are on. It dings, everything goes off, and your food is ready! If you feel like changing the time of the clock you need to do some traditional VCR-style poking; press A first, then C. The display will start blinking and you can enter a new time.

I intend to toss all the source online too but first I need to finish the report about this thing, give everything to my teacher and assure I end up with a proper grade. I don't want any fellow students committing plagiarism before that since proving the fact that you wrote the original is a real pain in the ass. Been there before and I'm sure as hell am not going to let it happen twice. Sorry for all the geeks out there, just be patient.

Regrettably I spend the last two days on this making this probably a new record for time spend on a single assignment. The agenda for tomorrow is finishing of that report and dropping everything in the teachers' mail box, after that I hopefully have some time left to finally play around with a few personal projects. I'm eager to get going, I really got that 'I'm on a roll' feeling. Let's just hope it stays for a while. To make sure I'm not burning out in the process, I think it's time for bed. G'night!

[: wacco :]

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