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Well, that sure was interesting

Posted on 2006/10/23 - 23:59

I'm going to keep it short, I'm only writing this because I promised I'd toss something online. Last weekend was fun, today was the funeral of my grandpa, so less fun. No big stories about it besides the small fact that I'm completely wasted. Too much traveling, too much tossing little nephews around, I could use a holiday. Again.

Back to the programming side of life, I did manage to do something today. I cranked up loads of classes for my utterly stupid assignment of building a microwave in Java, which all ended up somewhat like this;

Yeah. Ding indeed. I'm really in the middle of 'no interest' combined with 'over-engineered UML for the sake of UML' and on the other hand 'I'll show them that I know Java' combined with 'If I'm going to do this, I might as well do it stunningly good'. And those last two are basically the same thing, but whatever. Oh, and before you begin complaining about 'those comments are pointless' yada yada whine whine, they're not. Comments are supposed to be constructive. They should explain what is happening, not how. Okay, maybe how if it's a tricky how, but usually all they need to explain is the what-part. And according to those rules these comments are correct. Maybe a bit sarcastic, but still correct. Ding!

Other classes are suddenly multi-threaded thanks to an 'implements Runnable' that showed up, again others only exist for the UML part of things and didn't receive any proper attention. In fact, they're in an anonymous array of objects referenced blindly (yet correctly) with a sniff of method overloading and a puff of callback-based thinking. My teacher is going to pull his hairs out when he sees this, I love it. It'll teach him one thing; never *ever* let me do something like this again. I think he's going to get the message.

Unfortunately all this tinkering, over-engineering and polishing does take some time, so I'm actually spending more time on this damn project than I should. In other words; I'm still not done and I'll probably waste most of tomorrow on it as well. Shit. I wanted to go play with another little project where I haven't actually talked about yet. Oh well, I'll clue you in tomorrow after some proper sleep and a day of Java meddling. G'night!

[: wacco :]

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