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Posted on 2006/10/16 - 22:31

I still got to write a nice web application to have a 'decent' website, but for some reason I keep on writing other stuff instead. That doesn't mean the 'urge' to post on this nonexistent weblog isn't there, so I have to find a way of writing weblog entries without a weblog. I know! Plain text! Well, almost. While I was at it I added some HTML to this document to make it look a *little* nicer than pure plain text.

So yeah, I guess this is the start of yet-another-server and yet-another-blog. I've cancelled the last one (didn't use it that much, and that made it pretty expensive), lost contact with the one before that (should fix that one day, but that guy never seems online at hours like this) and the one before that well... it got spammed to hell and I don't feel like fixing it. As a matter of fact, I'm without a server at all right now, this one I 'got' from somebody 'temporary' about half a year ago. I can't even recall who it was! If you're the person who gave me this account, please drop a mail or something.

Now, the thing is, I'm not only behind with building the weblog, I'm also behind with things to report. At least I got material for the next few entries. The most important thing right now; my latest 'new' 'old' laptop arrived today! Yay!

The 'new' one is the one on the right, and for the curious among you; it's an Amstrad PPC512. It seems to be working all right besides the fact that I don't have a boot diskette for it, but it's a nice start to work on my Very Own Operating System (Tm). Especially because this baby is based on the classic IBM PC-XT, and all hardware is spelled out in numerous manuals. Plus the fact that it doesn't have Fancy Stuff (Tm) makes it a beauty to play around with. More on that in a later entry.

The rest of the day I was fighting with Java. Fun. Not. One of my University Classes is trying to teach me UML (piece of cake) and to 'prove' that it works, we also have to implement it. But it *has* to be done in Java. That forces me in the position that I know (and already knew) the subject of the class, and have to refresh my 2+ years old Java skills just to prove that I know aforementioned subject. Makes you want to smash your head into a concrete wall. So, after a day of hard work, I got this;

The whole thing we needed to design was a microwave, don't ask. Pretty, no? It doesn't do anything yet though, it already took me an hour just to get my IDE working again, and another half hour to find all the required options, features, shortcuts, menu's and tools. Ugh.

And that was precisely why I started typing again, I just had to get this out of my system. And now it's time for bed, tomorrow some more head bashing and I'll finish it off with another 'entry' for this 'blog'. G'night!

[: wacco :]

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