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Main screen turn on!

Posted on 2008/02/09 - 22:28

Next Monday I have to finish up a bunch of documentation for university about the card, Wednesday I've got to do a presentation with a demo, tommorow I'll be working all day somewhere else so in short; Argh! Busy! The XSVF parser still isn't working and I just can't seem to find the problem. The guys at comp.arch.fpga have been helpfull but still no results. Due to earlier mentioned deadlines however, I patched xc3sprog to work with the D2XX drivers (and let it recognise the CPLD) and gave that a go. Which worked, so there's nothing wrong with the hardware;

A little test app flashed in the FPGA

So at least I could continue testing the hardware for Wednesday. I grabbed the vhdl of Fabrice Derepas' site, adapted it to output data correctly for the DAC, added a little multiplier pattern for a bonus effect, mapped the pins and within the hour the DAC was also working correctly;

The DAC outputting to a screen

Somebody pointed out to me that I was missing a lot of red in that picture so since I made that quick movie I've changed the code somewhat so it'd produce some more red - it's really just the original squares again merged with the new pattern. I also got the question to throw the code online, so all three demo's (the CPLD one as well) are in this zip.

DAC test pattern output
The revised output of the DAC

I'll be updating probably on Thursday or something with the revised code of the XSVF Parser and some cleaned up version of the patched xcs3prog. Sorry for the somewhat lousy quality of the movies and picture, I had to borrow somebody elses camera and it didn't seem to do what I wanted it to do. On a final note thanks goes out to Scanseer for giving me a free serial, I'll be giving that tool a testrun and a little review sometime soon when I've got the time.

[: wacco :]

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